We represent a diverse group of clients throughout South Carolina in various industries, including construction, design, surety, retail, hospitality, property management, and a variety of service providers. We offer a wide variety of business services, including drafting contracts, devising risk mitigation solutions and litigating disputes. That is why many of our clients use our firm in a general counsel capacity

We work closely with our clients to solve their problems by understanding their business objectives. We cost-effectively handle commercial disputes based on our depth of experience and our focused approach. Identifying risks and avoiding litigation are central to our practice. Whenever possible, we will pursue negotiation, alternative dispute resolution and other means to attain our client's desired end result. If such measures do not prove fruitful, we will be prepared to go to court to achieve their goals.

We make it our goal to help clients solve problems, seize opportunities and grow to where they want to be. When you choose our firm, you will get a trusted adviser that seeks to understand your business and goals and will measure our success based on yours.

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