Our firm represents developers, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and residential and commercial property owners. We are focused and engaged on South Carolina’s construction industry. Drawing on decades of experience, our attorneys understand the engineering, architectural, financing, property rights and other aspects of construction development. We regularly counsel our construction and design clients from project inception to completion, including pre-construction representation, contract drafting and negotiation, avoiding and/or resolving disputes, real time project advice, preparation and defense of claims, alternative dispute resolution and litigation.

Our attorneys possess an in-depth understanding along with a capacity to deal with the full array of construction law matters throughout South Carolina. Approaching your outcome from multiple perspectives, we take proactive measures to protect your interests as well as to provide practical problem solving and prudent risk management. If you are building, developing, managing, or litigating claims involving a construction project, we are here to support you. Our team will focus on understanding your business objectives, and will apply our many years of construction law experience and industry knowledge to develop legal strategies that meet your business objectives.

Our attorneys are members of and collaborate with industry associations, and present at construction industry meetings, events and continuing education seminars. Simply put, we know the construction industry and are ready to serve you.

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